Youth Ministry

Rock of Ages Young At Heart Youth Ministry is designed for Youth and Young Adult. Its purpose is to unite the Youth and Young Adult in the body of Christ and to motivate and mature them in sound doctrine.

Our vision is to assure that through ministry program, the youth will be taught and trained how to apply God’s scriptures to every area of their life so they can obtain the blessings God has predestined for them. Our programs are also designed to empower the youth to better understand who they are in Christ, so they may have life more abundantly, feel good about their identity, and therefore, experience a more fulfilled and devoted life to Christ.

Our mission is to inspire the youth and young adult at any given spiritual level and or season in their life to discover their spiritual gifts and walk in the complete victory of fulfilling their call and purpose.

Our goal through organized youth program, through global Christian network, and effective biblical study material the ministries will learn to provide a way for youth to obtain guidance through life’s every day challenges meeting the need of other youth through networking.